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Our company has a background in web design, web growth, digital advertising and marketing, and more. We apply our digital data to your business’s objectives and budget to create a scope of work that can enable you to grow your online business. Whether you to start an internet site from scratch or want to market your present web site, we will help.

More then meets the eye

Do you want a website that can do more than just the standard functions? Then we can help you further. We develop websites in all shapes and sizes. From a complex E-learning environment to custom web shops, social media, chat bots, job sites and much more. We finish your product. That means that your site is also your work application that takes as much work off your hands as possible.

What wil it cost?

You’ll discover that we only list pricing ranges and never set standard pricing. Every of our web design projects varies drastically and is dependent upon your price range, objectives, and timeframe. When you’re not sure of what you need, our crew can assist you select the appropriate option that falls inside your price range.

make your website unique

We ensure that your website can be found among the range of thousands of other sites on the market. We do this by adapting the site for you so that it has a unique character. We design our own modules for the most used engines and ensure that findability is optimal. Archimedes is a company with more than eighteen years of experience and a wide network of specialists, which means that the knowledge we have is high.

Building your dream, together

When you have a big idea you want to bring to life on-line, we will help with that. Our internet consulting consists of an in-depth assembly along with your team to detail out desired performance, a closing ready scope, and preliminary design ideas. Upon getting this info in your fingers, you’re in a position to present it to your present web developer or work with Archimedes to execute.

Why Archimedes?

With over fifteen years of professional experience we have become experts in web design. Experience combined with creativity offers powerful solutions and takes your businesses to the next level. The Various packages we offer provide an opportunity to choose a suitable solution that is completely within your budget.

Our support packages provide you with peace of mind when it comes to maintaining your new website. We provide you with a carefree web presence while you focus on your business.



  • Theme and Branding
  • SEO optimized
  • Personalized front
  • Security test
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Unlimited downloads

Price examples



  • Custom HTML5 Theme
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Unique Design
  • For Ecommerce and Website
  • SSL security included
  • Advanced add-ons

Custom code

  • Full custom design
  • Unlimited apps for Android
  • Apps for iOS and Android
  • Advanced security included
  • Full SEO customized
  • Advanced add-ons

Some examples of our work