Designed for your company

Every company is unique, and yet we all use the same software. Archimedes Technoogy offers you the opportunity to develop software that is unique to your company. We have a wide network of partners and custom made solutions, so that we can often start with a good basis., keeping the development costs low for you.


Web Apps

We also develop web applications for your site. Think of reservation systems, product composition or 3D display and much more. We also build customized sites with unique technology in the background. Such as job sites, social media, company media and more.

Full Service & Support

We are happy to help you develop your own software or mobile apps. Among other things, we build mobile apps for restaurants, health care, shops and gyms. In addition to mobile apps, we can also be of service to you for solutions within your company, we are happy to think along with you! We specialize in custom development and web development as well as standalone application software that meets the specific needs of your organization and business. We offer you tailor-made affordable software with expert support and training.

Together with you

From design to the final stage. You wil see your design come alive. After the design stage we keep you posted with weekly updates.

Best professionals

We have the best team of programmers to provide you with your own custom and unique design. We build al applications from the ground up

Fully tested

We wil test your application on al major systems and will test the compatible features on al major platforms. Whether it is a desktop or mobile application

Amazing support

For al our developed products, we deliver support and aftercare. We like to build a long-term relationship and trust with our costumers.

Your own social platform

Building a community around your brand or production is important. We can help you setup a platform with al the mayor features you need to start engaging. A community that is build on your brand or production gives you unique data en insight. Your costumers feel more rewarded and feel like they are part of your company or production. The collected data is only for you, so you dont share with your competition.

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