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We produce media that fits your needs

Getting your message out there is important and video is the most powerful way to do it.

We can help you build a full media campaign, from scripts to production. We don’t just shoot videos, we create productions that result in emotional connections between the client and its target audience.

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For online video production, we create powerful videos to help you achieve all these goals for a small investment. In fact we can help you promote your business, product, music, karaoke song, pet or just having some fun on the World-Wide Web.

That’s right. Thousands of people all over the world are promoting their Businesses, Music, Themselves and becoming Stars every day on the incredible Internet site, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to mention a few. Statistics show that this will also increase your search engine listings. What is stopping you from joining the crowd? Probably the most important thing, the production of your video.

we handle your project from concept to the screen with care.

We help you tell your story. Whether for your company or online video productions, we can help you produce, record and edit your content. Start your online campaign with powerful professional video productions or let us cover your event.

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Massive Stock Archive

We got a large library of stock video, ready for your productions

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Fast Delivery

We make sure that your production is on time

Media Solutions

We offer a full online responsive streaming for your internal TV channel or Narrowcasting. You can set any kind of feed to your TV or Narrowcast channel. Thanks to the powerful HTML5 engine the sky is the limit. Of course there is full video support, ranging from your own uploads, to YouTube links and more! Archimedes can provide you with your own live feed. Thanks to our XS Stream Technology, We can stream your content live to all mayor Social media platforms, but we can also build an TV app or setup HLS for your box.

Our team helps you to work out your media idea’s. Whether it is a series of event, music video, show, film or a campaign.

Our technology helps you...

Let us help you design a comprehensible site that gives your clients a visual story and understanding of who you are as a brand. Let your audience feel like they are part of your brand or productions.